Why use a credit union instead of a bank? Let us explain!

Credit unions and banks are both financial institutions but there are endless differences between the two.

Credit unions are member owned. If you have an account with Franklin First, you are a part owner in the business.

We are insured by the National Credit Union Administration and are democratically controlled by our members. This means that members have more say in how Franklin First is run, and hold decision-making power.

Members elect a Board of Directors – rather than hiring one – who are chosen to fully represent the members in making decisions and upholding policies. Here, your voice is always heard. It is your interests that come first, not profits.

Due to the fact that Franklin First has one select location, members receive superior customer service from our friendly staff.

As a member, you are a cooperative owner, not just another account number. Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit. Therefore, interest rates tend to be significantly better and fees fewer and smaller. Your financial well-being comes first at Franklin First and you can rest assured that when you join us your money stays within the local communities.